Damascene signed a memorandum of understanding with Cheshire Service Ethiopia(Cheshire) for social cooperative work.Cheshire is an NGO that provides orthopedic and social rehabilitation services for children and young people with disabilities in Ethiopia. One of the rehabilitation centers of Cheshire is located 30 minutes outside of Addis Ababa. On this location Damascene provides training for farmers onsite. In exchange Damascene receives exclusive access to the crops grown here. Moreover, on these premises Damascene has a production location for which she pays a competitive renting price. Cheshire also purchases Damascene’s essential oils for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

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The Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute is designated a collaborative and demand driven research and development activities with different stakeholders in the areas of conservation, agronomic and related studies to contribute in addressing the gaps of fragmented and

uncoordinated activities and to bust the contribution of aromatic and medicinal plants to the country. The research centre gives seeds , technical assistance and helps train farmers. Through this the institute helps provide Damascene with seedlings .As a sector of the Ethiopian Institute of Agriculture Research, with a center of Excellency in aromatic, medicinal and bio energy plants. WondoGenet Agriculture, the owner of Damascene as a researcher business person and  Damascene after establishment has formed a strong relationship over the last six years. Wondo also acts as a strong advocate for government support of essential oil production in Ethiopia.

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The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union, NABU

Damascene is taking the assignment to enable the targeted local community members to increase their income through regional natural products and thereby foster sustainable natural resource management and regional development in the proposed Lake Tana BR. The assignment is part of the project “For People and Nature – Establishment of a UNESCO biosphere reserve at Lake Tana in Ethiopia” implemented by NABU in cooperation with Michael Succow Foundation.

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ABARO Farmers Union (Wondo Genet Area)

Damascene purchases herbs and plant materials from 22 farmers who together form the ABARA Farmers Union. This union is located near the Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Centre 270  km away south of Addis.

Cherechera Farmers association

Damascene purchases herbs and plant materials from 44 farmers who together form the Cherechera farmers association. This association is located near the Lake Tana area which belongs to the higher catchment area of the Blue Nile is located in the North West of the Ethiopian  564 km away from Addis Ababa.

This partnership intends to empower smallholder female farmers by integrating them into a well-functioning spice and herbs value chain in southern Ethiopia as suppliers of raw material. Also in the partnership, these female farmers will be encouraged to get organized into cooperatives. Eco-efficient means of product of spices and herbs will be introduced, and the partnership will lso actively seek to create employment opportunities for youth and women. Ultimately these activities should lead to significant social improvements as well as increased economic status of female farmers.