Inspired by the history of use of aromatic plants in the Ethiopian culture, Damascene Essential Oil Processing PLC is legally established in June 2013. Damascene is currently engaged in the production  and supplying of Essential oils ,herbs and spice and other body care products. We aspire to create products worthy of traditional uses, while also sharing our products’ modern and internationally acceptable purposes.

Damascene believes in using natural materials and environmentally friendly processes to create range of quality products that encourages healthy living and introduce native spices and herbs in in different forms including essential oils and their many diverse and exciting applications to both the local and international market. 

Currently we are working with Three thousand farmers and our goal is to reach 7000 in coming two years.  More than 15 types of spices are planted in past three years over 150 ha of land Long pepper / Black pepper/ Green cardamom/Thyme/Rosemary/ Lemon verbena / Rue / Basil / Black cardamom /Lavender /Ginger/ Turmeric / Pepper mint / Koseret  which vitality cover up to 2000ha in five years. 

The opportunities are promising for the rapid growth in the future Production. It intend to increase The revenue of the company with three commodities of Spice, Essential oils and natural beauty care products. Our bigger vision is transforming the community home garden  to the source of  additional income, well feed pregnant women, children and family , cheerful community , climate smart solution through creating  self-employment. In addition  contributing to the economic growth by developing additional exportable commodities which can be delivered in different product form.

About the founder and directing manager ,Rahel Heruy is a dreamer for Damascene Essential oil, Senior Pharmacist, Agripruner (Advocator for sustainable agricultural business for social and personal development),have more than twelve years of experience in coordination and leading different natural resource conservation projects, participating in different networks to develop her personal  and social skill, Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Centre has chosen to partner with her to conduct research on the benefits of essential oils and its promising economic potential,  more than six times jury member for the entrepreneurs  business plan contest of fresh  agricultural university graduates, the founder and board member For spice and herbs growers and processors association and Participating on “SPICES INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIC PLAN 2015-2025”after  her Invitation for her expertise & knowledge in the spices sub-sector industry.

“Stay There and Fix It”

Damascene kafa team